Development of the IEM and the growth of natural gas & pipeline through the WBs


Prospective of the development and the need to bridge the gap of investments

Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD | November 29, 2014

Distinguish visitor,

The purpose to provide a holistic overview on the advance of the internal gas market makes inevitable a complex analysis on goings of the energy sector. In the last years, the strategic development of sector in Europe is rising up – by the first time with the same intensity of twenty years before – a complex interdisciplinary debate. Nowadays, related with the upcoming of new concerns, regard the integration of the intermittent resources on national level and the reach of the climate goals, with a prominent reverse effect on the overall strategic development of the IEM.

The long accomplishment of the Europe’s formal attempt to create a single energy market, until now has brought the achievement of important results but also the inherited of old all as well the upcoming of new challenges. Nerveless, the achievement reached, the analyses of its main objectives target, such as the decrease of end-prices, the foster of competition and security, registered on the level playing field, have been hardly below the expectation. The failures to offer the consumers and the businesses more and better products and services are pushing-up back to the renationalisation of the energy policies.

In nutshell seems that today IEM is facing a drop with the Europe’s climate goals and coordination of various national interventionist measures. All pend for a coordinate intervention of equilibrium in community level – toward a harmonic and efficient market operation – by a contemporary strong investment in the system of transmission and distribution. However, the scarcity of investment sources necessitate the identification in ongoing of priorities for the development of the well-balanced electricity, gas and oil infrastructure on Energy Community level. All due to also the fact that the deadlines posted by the third package press for a rapid facing within an overall integrated strategy.

In regard, the Member States (MS) are still engaged in a research of build-up of an effective integrate market. A situation that in view of the lack of investment inherited from the past make predicable the well behind state of art on all the Contracting Parties (CP). A gap that by last October 2013, seen to be fulfilled with the proceeding by a so-called Project of Common Interest (PCI) and Project of Energy Community Interest (PECI). Investment in cross-border interconnection that recall a further attention on the stimulating of a well-balanced energy mix. Aspect that make the all to be part of a rethinking process within periodic frequency of two-three years.

The definite unfold of above trans-European project will means at the same time activate of substantial investments and boosting of related sector over the upcoming decade in the CPs. The fully completed of which is expect to lead toward the development of a high liquid, secure and competitive energy market as in the same time the meet of the EU environmental targets of the Energy Community. All of which with the expectation to be translating in a well-balanced system within requirement of the three pillars of the European energy policy in view of a fully and definitive integration of region in the EU.

Therefore, the core tackle of the ACERC activity in regard aim the build-up of the update sceneries foreseen for afford of the growth on energy sector in the Western Balkans (WBs). The all keeping in attention a long-term view by 2030 and 2050. However, the ongoing development in act, a milestone to be kept in focus is that the internal market will be a trade-off between different positions that the CPs will be able to bring head on the different multilevel table. In regard, the here above activity as others similar deliver abroad by ACERC, can stimulate a better settle for the future that is still faraway for being clear and definitive.

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