Energy Market South East Europe 2014, Pristina, Kosovo

ACERC attended the Energy Market South East Europe 2014, 18th and 19th September 2014, Kosovo

Distinguish visitor,

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation (ACERC) represented by Dr. Lorenc Gordani, took part at the conference Energy Market South East Europe 2014, 18th and 19th September 2014, organise by Evroenergie L.L.C at the Swiss Diamond Hotel Pristina, Kosovo.

Participation that seen the keeping of a keynote speech on the Liberalisation & Integration of the IEM on the 8th Region, at the session “European Energy Policy and Liberalization”, of the Conference Day I: Thursday, 18 September 2014. Presentation conceived in three parts: (i) an overview on the implementation of the acquis communitaire, (ii) prospect offered by PECI on the ongoing development of regional investments (iii) and the way forward in the Western Balkans (WBs). For an overview of the presentation, you are warmly invite to find the material in Pdf  here on the link.

The purpose to provide a holistic overview on the advance of the internal energy market (IEM) makes inevitable a complex analysis on goings at the energy sector. Therefore, the paper cover the following features:

- Liberalisation & Integration on the IEM: overall considerations on the preceding of the single energy market: outcome of Europe’s attempt to create a single energy market; re-nationalisation and trends of Member States (MS)  random policies; alternatives on the tackle climate goals & national ambitions; overtake strategy of investment on TSO & DSO interconnections.

- Prospect offered by PECI at the WBs and the way forward: prospective of the SEE market: demand & investment costs sceneries; boost of the infrastructural investment on regional project (PECI); way forward & conclusion of author and references on the ongoing.

The core tackle of the  presentation aimed the build-up of the update sceneries foreseen to  afford the growth of energy sector in the WBs. The all keeping in focus a long-term view by 2030 and 2050. However, the ongoing development in act, a milestone to been kept in focus is that the internal market will be a trade-off between different positions that the CPs will be able to bring head on the different multilevel table. In regard, the above conference, stimulate a better settle for the future that is still faraway for being clear and definitive.

Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD

ACERC Project Director

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Dr. Lorenc Gordani - Cover Presentation