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Short Presentation of the Secretariat and main exponent of ACERC Team

Published | Sunday, 08th November 2015

The Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation – ACERC is a research and advisory institute, non-governmental and not profit, based at Tirana. It is established by a team of professionals with wide locally and internationally expertise in both academic and developing projects to respond of the evolution in ongoing on the energy sector, particularly in the field of energy market regulation and efficiency uses of resources.

We work through a network of associates to build specific shared knowledge that can offer a qualified contribute to the fully liberalisation of energy market and promote the efficiency uses of energy. Our practices comprised the specialized legal support, the strategic business development counsel as well as the applied development and management research project.

Biography of the Founders of the ACERC

Dr. Lorenc Gordani


Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD

Energy Market Adviser and Executive Director of ACERC

Professor of the European Union Law & Policy

Main professional activities areas covers the legal strategic expertise, the applied research and capacity building in EU and Albania Energy Law and Policy for industry and interest groups, international institution, and public authority, with particular focus on the market design and related policy issues, concerning the promotion of a sustainable integration of energy market in the Western Balkans.

High education have taken place in Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, etc. Following of which it has worked as researcher, professor and trainer at national and international level and engaged as legal advisor and a consultant of public authorities and international companies. Activities accompanied with publication of an extensively bibliography on EU law implementation and particularly on energy law and policy.

On above, it can be find a briefly Curriculum Vitae or visit the profile of the Lorenc Gordani in LinkedIn, keep updated through the Albanian Energy Market - AEM Group and Personal Publications in LinkedIn and Researches and Teaching Interests (in Albanian). In regard, it would warmly welcomed any request for offering a more comprehensive and direct presentation of the background as related references and certificates.


Edon Simaku


Edon Simaku

Msc in Sciences of Economics

Energy Planning and Auditing Expert

As a co-founder of ACERC project Ms. Simaku is offering his service and knowledge acquired in the field of economics and that of renewable energy. Having worked in different companies, from financial departments to HVAC companies, has proved to be more than a useful tool to this project.

Some of the latest activities are participations in projects related to energy supply, energy efficiency and energy audit on public buildings. Such as audit on Energy Supply Study at TUHC Tirana” COWI-IPF Infrastructure”, Municipality Schools and Kindergardens.

Other private projects are those of “ Wander sa, Energosa as PR with relevant institutions, ERPA Investment for Market Evaluation regarding air turbines, “Kastrati” – S.P.P. spa Consorcium for the implementation of Heat supply biofuel fired to the factory producing bio fuels.

In other projects such as Art Academy and Heritage Institute Tirana, held the position of market and pricelist analyser. While at BIO-TECH was part of contract negotiation and pricing.

A post-university diploma on Energy & Infrastructure, Freelance and Internship, followed by training program the Aristotle University enriched and added value to the academic knowledge.

To an overall view of the main accomplishments and the prospect aims, can join to the profile in LinkedIn and find briefly Curriculum Vitae as it would warmly welcomed any request for offering a more wide presentation as related references and certificates.

In regard of all above, it would warmly welcomed any request for offering a more comprehensive and better-structured presentation of the background as related references and certificates.

Associates Expert along 2015

Edon Simaku


Hasan Cerhozi

Research and Project Manager

ACERC Greece

Having studied and worked in Greece, France and Italy Hasan brings to ACERC international experience and skills both in research and project management.

Hasan started his professional experience in energy sector in Tirana interning at the EBC, a consulting firm focused on oil and gas. Then he worked for the 2 degrees Investing Initiative, a think tank based in Paris assisting in both research activities in the areas of climate finance, financial regulation and investments.

In Italy, he completed a traineeship as a junior researcher/project manager at Enel Foundation where he focused on power and gas markets, energy scenarios and energy subsidies. His main research focused on the Turkish renewable energy sector while he also assisted in project management activities of several research projects dealing with the electricity markets of regions such as Latin America and the EU.

Hasan holds a master’s degree in International Energy from Institute d’Etudes de Sciences Politique (Sciences Po Paris) where he mostly focused on oil and gas markets and a B.A in Political Science from the Panteion Univerisity of Social and Political Sciences of Athens, Greece. Hasan is a bilingual Albanian and Greek speaker, fluent in English and intermediate in French and Italian.


Edon Simaku


Ing. Bujar Agalliu, PhD

Expert Renewables and Energy Efficiency

Lecturer of Energy Planning, HVAC&R and RES

Over 15 years experience with energy policy, energy strategy drafting, energy action plans drafting and implementation, hands-on experience with donor assistance and coordination, etc. Over 25 year experience with designing and implementing Energy to HVAC the public operators (health, educational, professional, private and municipalities facilities,) and outlining HVAC, Refrigerants, Energy Efficiency and Renewable.

Very good understanding of EU standards and regional market developments for the Electricity, Power and HVAC&R solutions (equipment’s availability, specifications and prices). Working experience on energy and environment evaluation, monitoring and audit systems especially to Energy and HVAC and Renewable on National Project Facilities, Technical Standards and Specifications. Narrow studies on HVAC, Renewable and Building’s Energy Efficiency Use.

Professional experience on master planning, technical concept, cost and tariff calculations; Implementation of measures, energy facilities. Knowledge in analytics and EU regulations; Development of Tender and implementation of tendering and procurement procedures for various infrastructure programmers related to Energy of HVAC and RES supply; full time involvement in RES project; Elaboration of expert opinions; Staff management and training. Knowledgeable with the existing documentation (master-plan, pre-feasibility study reports, infrastructure investment proposals and plans) related to the Urban energy supply, energy efficiency in buildings, renewable, system for major public health and education centres.


Ing Mohamed Abdalla


Ing. Mohamed Abdalla

Drilling Engineer

DEA Deutsche Erdöl, Egypt

Experienced in oil and gas upstream industry with special focus on planning drilling & work over activities having worked as a drilling engineer for the Hamburg-based E&P Company DEA Deutsche Erdöl in its Egyptian branch.

Mohamed has diverse experience in Drilling activities due to involvement in a broad range of projects with both onshore and offshore activities in Nile Delta, Mediterranean and Gulf of Suez. His area of expertise include also work over activities: he has worked as both office based and rig based.

With recent activities which include exploratory drilling in Gulf of Suez and development drilling campaign in Nile delta Disouq gas field. Mohamed’s work included preparing scope of work for tenders, conducting market surveys, offset data studies, base of design for drilling campaigns, drilling programs and end of well reports. Negotiation with service and partner E&P companies has been also part of his work assisted by his practical field experience as drilling engineer and well site supervisor. Office duties such as tracking drilling performance in campaigns, cost control, emergency response and risk assessment are among his area of expertise.

Mohamed holds a degree in petroleum engineering from Cairo University along with many internships and trainings with reputable companies such as Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Rashpetco (BG joint venture) and Khalda (Apache joint venture). Mohamed is Native Arabic speaker with professional proficiency in English and limited proficiency in both Spanish and Albanian. To an overall view of the profile it can be find the here briefly Curriculum Vitae as well as for a more technical detailed presentation can be take knowledge through here documents about the main certification accomplished.


Ing Roberto Cassetti


Ing. Roberto Cassetti

Ingegnere Elettrotecnico

Energy Manager & Training

Energy Manager, Responsabile Tecnico, Direttore Tecnico, Formazione professionale, e Consulente. Progettazione impianti elettrici (con assistenza, direzione lavori, manutenzione ed eventuale installazione).

Avendo operato presso aziende, ho sviluppato capacità, anche nel mondo dell’ingegneria civile, di problem solving, Coaching e Team work. Inoltre offre possibilità di sviluppo nella Consulenza Aziendale e Formazione e tutte le forme di coperture assicurative.

Laurea in ingegneria elettrotecnica presso Università di Roma La Sapienza. To an overall view of the profile it can be find the here briefly Curriculum Vitae.

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