European Unions, Wester Balkans and Albania Energy Career Opportunities

Update on 22 August 2015

The here section is dedicate to the employment vacancies in the energy companies and relate fields. ACERC itself is not directly or indirectly involved in any process of recruiting of experts or specialist in the electricity, oil & gas areas and relate infrastructure. Our activity is limit here only to the post for the energy companies and recommend interested individuals the jobs opportunities related with the energy market.

Indeed, a well selection process of the employees is fundamental to the success of the challenges projects such as that in the energy fields. Then, first of all is in the interest of the energy companies to identify, attract and retain the most qualified candidates. The serious company dedicate particular care to the seeking of experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to excellence, the highest health, safety and environmental standards, and able to work together effectively.

As a project gathers momentum, we want to offer the possibility to all the energy market contractors and sub-contractors to make know their various vacancy, from head offices to the along countries work fields, in the mood to increasing the possibilities to cover it with a skilled professionals. Then, we counsel, to turn with regularity for checking about vacancies and if you are interest to divulgate by free your demands & offers as individual or company, contact us at the

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