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Enrel Hydro Ltd with representative Ing. Aurel Naumi is looking for business partner project developing

Update: July 23, 2014

Overview in the Albania Renewable Energy Sector

Regard the state of play and promotion of renewable resources less than 50% of Albania’s hydropower potential is currently exploited. So far, the overall electricity capacity installed in Albania is 1878 MW, almost entirely in hydropower. Notwithstanding the high level of permission grant the hydro capacity increased only by 54 MW during the last year. By the other part, at present, the electricity generation is strongly dependent on the volatility of the water run-off of a major river course, the Drin.

Open opportunities for foreign investors

This is why the various governments in Albanian have putted the energy sector in the top of their agenda. Action followed with the involvement of a large number of entrepreneur as well as in the case of Ing. Aurel Naumi with which has communicate this days ACERC. As known, the sector of energy requires a large amount of investment that makes these projects feasible for foreign investors. In this, regard Ing. Aurel Naumi has find helpful to put the features of this project for all investors that are seeking for partnerships. For more about the permission grand can be find Licensing Certificate and Registration Certificate.

Location of the project the hydropower Dushar

The river is affluent Dushar Devolli river in its middle course of river has running North-South. Watershed stream of Dusharit bounded on the South by the Bofnjes Cuka the 2005 and 2061 m elevation on a plateau lined with coniferous forests known as the "Forest of Bofnjes" in the West from mountain ridge begins to mount strike continues with the Snake Pass elevation 1,525 m up in the small mountain lakes altitude of 1,841 m in 1801, wearing notebooks forest, in the east of the mountain ridge Bofnjes Cuka of 2005 m, 1146 m Peshtan Neck, Apple mountain 1,371 m and North of the river flow Devoll. For more can be find Location Map, Video One and Video Two.

Main climacteric features

Temperature annual average is 10.2 degrees Celsius in the winter period observed temperatures below zero degrees Celsius associated with frost. Length of the river, starting from mountain lakes is about 10 km, while in the beginning of the forest Bofnjes 9 km. Streambed studied for hydro beginning about 730 m near the village quota Dushar characterized by a narrow mountain valley with steep incline. The flow of the river from the village with quote Dushar 490 m has a length of 2.5 km and a slope of about 10% while the share of union with Torovecit brook to spill Devolli River has a length of 1500m and average slope of about 3.5% or about 3 times smaller.

Typical watershed is forested, mountainous heights of over 500 m and here and there flysch formations clear - colored clays to paint the sky gray and brown sandstone formations. Watershed has an area of 39 km2 in rootedness built from rock formations by water flysch indescribable. Only the tops of the Bofnjes Cuke and Mountain Lakes area are superimposed Cretaceous limestone formations with a very limited extent.

The slope of the valley in a great small length of 4 km, the geo - morphological and topographical terrain and hydrological data flow dictated by precipitation falling in the autumn - winter - spring in a pretty wooded area are key elements that favor the use of hydro-power small hydropower character mountain derivation, use water flow mainly in the autumn - winter - spring will serve to produce energy for local needs of the area. Located in villages near Zerec, Vrepcke, Dushar, Torovec and slope - Mali and the new village in North Moglicë edge that is centrally Devolli River Municipality. Hydrological study area defined perennial 1,100mm average rainfall, average flow perennial OC = 0.875 m3.

The average flow is consistently 100 days QO = 1.16 m3. In the wet period with recurrence by 25% between 1485 m3 and shallow with 75 % recurrence is 0.833 m3. Distribution within the annual average flow shows that the period October - May from 8 months is favourable for full utilization hydro energetic. For more can be find the Hydropower Scheme.

For these conditions, the study has determined the possibility of building two plants.

HEC - 1 is built to use the flow in the lower stem of the stream bed quota between 500 m and 441 Devolli River spill m. Hydropower Scheme contained in the DHP left in a natural state of the river bed between 503 m abs quota which built dams HPP "Moglicë" and 350m abs which reaches Kokël HPP. Making water work done with a level -type jacks equipped with automatic kapërderdhës which raises the water level in the creek about quota 508.2 m.

To bring the waters of the stream to build a criminal Torovecit making quota of 515 m and the water bed of the stream followed in making the work of the HC - 1 with Ø 400 mm steel pipes with a total length of about 600 m. Of the collection of water followed by a derivation channel, paving the rocky slope sloping left 3 m vertical horizontal 1 m to 3.5 m to 1 m. In this slope built a runway width 4.8 m serving for the construction and maintenance of the canal. Shortly after receiving the work of settlements built on maintaining rigid material.

Canal basin ends with union pressure which yields turbine pipeline Db = 80 cm and a length of 170 m that sends water to the turbines located in a building equipped with work release and with all aggregates hydro power and electric transmission. Odd water level in HP's exit is set 442m.

Indicators of this hydropower are:

Q = 1.16 m3 /sec 100 days: Qllog = 1.06 m3/sec

Hgjeod. Gross = 66 m H = 64 m: Hneto= 62 m

N = 550 kW = 3.0 mil.kwh/year

HEC - 2 builds for use in stem flow medium between bedding units and 508 m 736 m which is the normal level of HPP - 1. Geodetic elevation is 227 m.

Making water work done at mountain - type jacks equipped with metal grills Tip "TIROLEZE". For bringing water from the river built a separate Qinam.

Water taken in 742 m and followed quota left arm in a rocky slope that has a slope of about 1.5 m horizontal and 1 m vertical. The first part of the derivation goes through a rocky crooked that has a length of 500 m. Derivation length is about 2000 m and average sloping paving around 0.0037.

Basin pressure reaches 735 m on the quota. From here sent by pipeline to the turbine with Db = 60 cm in length about 760 m . HC - 2 buildings placed in excavated rocky slope at the edge of the rock depth Canal derivation of HC - 1.

Indicators of this hydropower are:

Q = 0.594 m3 /sec100 Qllog = 0.7 m3/s

Hgj H = 234 m H net = 227 m

N = 1,315 kW = 7.0 million kwh/year

Researching trunk has a length of 4 km and a general decline surveying 295 m.

From this drop with both stations used surveying 100 % decline taking an installed power N = 1,850 kW and Annual energy E = 10 mil.kwh.

In addition, derivation channel will serve to place under water about 15 ha of agricultural land in the area at certain times.

Scheme with two axes described above concession will be approved for HPP - 1, which is more favourable conditions close roads construction and auto zone and energy supply lines, and HC -2, which is projected to build in the second row. The price is 0.067 euro/kWh. For more can be find here the full Business Plan - Hydropower of Dushar-Zerec stream.


Note for any communication please put in contact directly with legal representative of "Enrel Hydro" sh.p.k. Ing. Aurel Naumi by Cel. + 355 698449465 and E-mail:


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