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ACERC open public consultation on developing its portal

All interested parties have to submit within 31 December 2015

ACERC invites all interested parties to submit their feedback and comments by 31 December 2015

Updated on Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Distinguish Member,

This public consultation want to warmly invite all interested parties, to submit their proposal, idea, comments, feedback, concern the developing of the portal ACERC.

In brief, the conception of ACERC began many years before, and was formalised by first on March 2013 within launch of the AEM (Albania Energy Market) founded scheme of a spin-off oriented towards the legal framework of energy-regulated market and the related strategic policy. An experience that from September 2013 developed on the Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC, aggregated within scheme of R&D, a group of different personality with wide locally and internationally expertise on both academic and the developing projects.

ACERC central object of work comprehend the formulating of shared sceneries from the practice of the overall player regard the evolve prospects of the energy market, within purpose the face of the challenges and share the advantage offered by a competitive market model in an advance integrate network. A target based on the experience performed with the platform AEM ( during the peak up period of the July-August 2013 and the new achievement and engagements in ongoing period of the last two years.

The all within strong convincement that see as most appropriate in the overall operate the proceeding with an integrate practical approach from the daily concerns of the playground players. An approach thought to provide in an online platform an overall picture of the market design and highlights the updated that affect the given model. Profile, that is weekly and monthly, interpreted in a comparative with the EU acquis as the SEE development shaped by EnCT. The first and second are report to the periodic publications as well dispatch by a newspaper service to partners and interested parties.

A setting up that ensure the best performance need the regularly adaptation to the necessities of those who are going to make use of the platform. Therefore, the all is in continuo transform due to upcoming changes and input offered from the direct partnership. In regard, the development of the partnerships, within particular profiles or the overall object of work, is see of great interest and welcome. An interaction that aims to become a reference point in the everyday work of ACERC thus contributing to better overall climate of the business.

Therefore, the ACERC is pleased to invite all the interest visitors of the ACERC Portal to submit their idea in the contact e-mail:, with the purpose of the further develop of the overall vision or the design of particular aspect. In same time is want to invite to be keep up-to-date with all the related development visiting regularly documents section of the website and to register for receiver of the newsletter and RSS feeds.

Lorenc Gordani

Executive Director

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