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Module 1: Implementation of the theory of sustainability

Module 1 includes 30 hours of lectures and P1 (Uniba – Italy) and P5 (WU – Austria) conduct It. The module introduces to the newer theory in sustainable economy, industrial ecology and agriculture, the corporative responsibility of the enterprises and the criteria of quality management for future policymaking initiatives in the agricultural sector.

This first module includes:

Theory of Sustainability and Industrial Ecology

Sustainable Agriculture and natural capital conservation

Principle of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Quality management


Corporate Social Responsibility reporting (CSR)

Module 2: European agricultural context: applicable legislation and territorial aspects

Module 2 includes 20 hours of lectures and P1 (Uniba – Italy), P4 (UNKO – Albania) and P6 (UMCS – Poland) conduct it. The module introduces the goals of the EU agricultural policy: interventions and legislative control,

as well as current status of all Albanian agricultural measures for development. This second module includes:

European Agricultural policy: role of Common Agriculture Policy

EU legislation and EU trade rules

EU agro-environmental measures

Agricultural system in Albania: features and concerns

Module 3: Introduction of the common bio-fuel generation techniques in Albania

Module 3 includes 240 hours of lectures and P1 (Uniba – Italy), P2 (AUT – Albania), P3 (PUT – Albania), P4 (UNKO – Albania), P5 (WU – Austria) and P6 (UMCS – Poland) conduct it. This module maps out the possible bio-fuel chains in Albania, needed technologies and their environmental burdens. This third module includes:

Analysis of Agricultural crops production in Albania

Agricultural feed-stocks for producing bio-fuels (main crops and residual biomass)

Description of first, second and third generation techniques

Biotechnology to produce bio-fuels

Material flow analysis of bio-fuel production chains

Sustainability criteria to implement modern biomass industry

Module 4: Market and management development of the bio-fuel chain in Albania

Module 4 includes 30 hours of lectures and P1 (Uniba – Italy) and P6 (UMCS – Poland) conduct it. This module is an interactive one intended for the students’ creativity to make prognosis for the development and management of bio-fuel entrepreneurship in Albania, possible scenarios for competitive sustainable agriculture in the country and further bio-fuel knowledge research. This forth module includes:

Economic, marketing and managerial analyses of bio-fuel production chain;

Scenarios for Albania and comparison with other countries.

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