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Workshops and Training Programme offered in house and outsource by ACERC

Published on Friday, August 07, 2015


Albania is at a crucial point of development of its energy sector, which has been seriously neglected over the last years. The settlement at the end of 2014 of the investment dispute with CEZ and the selection of Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) as the pipeline opening the Southern Corridor are two important milestones, which could and should turn into real game-changers. The potential arrival of gas and the abundance of renewable energy make Albania an interesting destination in terms of energy.

In order to take advantage the sector is and need to a completely rebooted. In this regard referring here briefly only to the most important millstone in act for each sector can be summarise:

-Electricity, June 2015: The new Power Sector Law compliant with the Third Energy Package enters into force.

-Electricity, May 2015: Under the umbrella CAO SEE, daily auctions on Albanian-Montenegro border started successfully on 30th of April for delivery day 1st of May 2015.

- Renewable Energy, March 2015: Albania submitted the Secretariat the Progress Report on the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC.

- Gas, December 2014: The Ministry of Energy and Industry's Working Group developed draft Gas Law, based on the Secretariat’s initial version.

- Energy Efficiency, December 2014: Secretariat submitted a draft law on energy efficiency of buildings to transpose the Buildings Directive.

- Competition, October 2014: The Albanian Competition Authority (ACA) adopted a Recommendation for increasing competition in the market for procurement of electricity to cover losses in the distribution network

Attracting of the investment is the rationale behind many of the here above measures and actions taken. An implementation that is involving much stronger and better-coordinate efforts from different parties: public companies and governments, IFIs, private investors, the European Commission, as well as the Secretariat.

About the Course

The above framework – that set itself an extraordinary challenge to the EU countries – has resulted in a complex body of law, which is increasingly difficult to understand. The fast pace of development in EU energy law and policy makes process even more challenging. In regard the ACERC have designed a two‐day training on demand, which will enable all the interested parties to work more effectively in the field of energy law and to understand cutting‐edge topics currently under debate.

The training will be structured along the lines of the objectives of EU energy law and cover all topics that need for the daily work in the energy field in Albania. Experts will give a comprehensive overview on:

- Liberalisation of EU energy markets, in particular the Third Energy Package implementation in Albania

- Role of competition and State aid law and its practical application in the Albanian Market

- Green energy law, in particular the upcoming measure to the promotion of renewable energies in Albania

- Protection of energy consumers, etc.

Small Class & Problem Solving

The final propose is to develop the big picture and connect the details of liberalisation of energy market, infrastructure, competition law, green energy law & consumer protection, technology impact, and future developing. Then the training sessions will combine presentations, case studies and discussion on practical problems. The number of seats is foresee to be limited to 12 - 15 participants to enable direct communication and interaction within the group. Parts of the training will be devoted to the participants issues and questions: all information concerning such cases will be treated confidentially.

Focus Group

The training is intended from a target that go from master students to operators, including officials and professionals who need in their daily work a good knowledge of energy law and policy. The benefits include:

- Get acquainted with all the relevant EU legislation and learn how to apply it in Albanian practice

- Gain a practical insight on the basis of case studies and latest Court rulings and EnC decisions.

- Stay up‐to‐date with recent developments and challenges in Albania.

- Participate in numerous case‐studies and learn what are the practical implementations of the EU regulations for the energy sector in Albania

- Include issues and questions in the training and get answer to them.

- Discuss and network with energy law experts from all over sector in Albania

- Receive a comprehensive printed training handbook and a certificate of participation

Training Direction

The training programme will be carried out by the Director of the ACERC, Dr Lorenc Gordani. He is an expert in European law and policy with a strong focus on energy market regulation, regional integration and renewable and efficiency energy issues.

He has been educated in Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, etc. and holds PhD with topic in market liberalisation and integration. In his career, he has worked as researcher and professor in several universities in Albania and abroad and as expert and trainer at national and international institutions and acted as legal advisor to several international companies and organisations.

He frequently participate as speaker at high-level international conference and has develop and publish an extensively bibliography on energy law and policy implementation as well as on energy law and policy. He also act as a consultant to different working group of national public authorities and international institution.

The staff of program include also Experts working in the National, Regional and Local Representations to the European Union in Brussels dealing with energy issues; Public officials from ministries, regional and communal authorities; Professionals from the private sector, industry associations and NGOs; Lawyers and consultants that are not yet specialised in EU energy law and policy.

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