Energy Events in Develop Through the Western Balkans

Press release on April 20, 2015

The purpose to provide a holistic overview on the advance of the internal gas market makes inevitable a complex analysis on goings of the energy sector. In the last years, the strategic development of sector in Europe is rising up with a great same intensity.

In nutshell seems that today IEM is facing a drop with the Europe’s climate goals and coordination of various national interventionist measures. All pend for a coordinate intervention of equilibrium in community level – toward a harmonic and efficient market operation – by a contemporary strong investment in the system of transmission and distribution.

Therefore, the core tackle of the update sceneries foreseen for afford of the growth on energy sector in the Western Balkans (WBs) the keeping up to date with the ongoing development in act. In regard, the here above activity as others similar deliver abroad by ACERC, can stimulate a better settle for the future that is still faraway for being clear and definitive.

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