Dr. Lorenc Gordani, will address a keynote speech on energy investment challenges in the WBs

Published: February 29, 2014

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation (ACERC) inform the cooperation agreement as official media partner and the taking part represented by Dr Lorenc Gordani at the Adriatic Oil & Gas Summit 2015. Participation that foresee the address a topic on the energy investment challenges and options for improvements in the Western Balkans region. ACERC runs a dedicated applied research focusing particularly the dimension of the investment opportunities offer by the strengthening integration for the countries of the Region in the Energy Community Treaty (EnCT). Adriatic Oil & Gas Summit 2015, 10 - 11 March 2015, Hotel Splendid, Budva is organised by Global Event Partners closely with the three Ministries of Montenegro, Albania and Croatia, and a program steering committee has been formed with representatives from Montenegro, Albania and Croatia to agree the key outline topics.

Investments are a most important challenge to which the WBs is exposed. Improvement and increasing foreign direct investment requires a sound and stable regulatory framework, as well as an agile energy sector and financial tools. Then the presentation is conceived to deal the following main bullet points: (i) the WBs Energy Markets Liberalization as a priority toward a Union of Energy; (ii) Triumph of the Pan-European Dimension and the Investments and Reforms Needed; (iii) Prospect Toward the Boost of the Opening & the Creating of a Pan-European IEM; (iv) Improving the Dispute Settlement & the Investment Climate.

Day one offers specific focus on each of the 3 host countries, what decisions have been made for the development of offshore blocks in Croatia and Montenegro and up-to-date development plans for Albania’s hydrocarbon resources. Day 2 features high-level strategy insights into the development of a regional O&G industry from analyzing and quantifying resources, latest technology for extraction, robust and sensitive management of the environment as well as regulatory and financial frameworks for a maturing sector. The presentation of the ACERC is foreseen to take place at the Day 2 | Wednesday 11th March 2015 in the Session III that takes a broader perspective analysing the geopolitics of the region and the Western Balkan’s key role in the transit of oil & gas resources into the EU.

The main work profile of the ACERC, focused on 8th regional area of IEM and particularly the WBs & Albania. Its practices comprise specialize legal support, strategic business counsel as well as research project development and management. ACERC services based on in-depth knowledge of EU and Regional Energy Law and Policy and strive toward an effective liberalisation and integration of energy markets as well as the promotion of the efficient uses of energy resources. Project that see Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD personally committed as the overall Project Director and Legal Energy Market Advisor. More in general the areas of the expertise covers the academic didactics, the applied research and legal strategic expertise in the EU energy law and policy for industry, government, international institution and interest groups within particular focus on the market design and policy issues, concerning the promotion of a sustainable development of energy market of the SEE.

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