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ACERC attended the 7th Annual Global Pipetech Summit 2014

16th - 18th June 2014, Sheraton Roma, Rome

ACERC attend the 7th Annual Global Pipetech Summit 2014, 16th - 18th June 2014, Sheraton Roma, Rome

Press release on 08 June 2014

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation (ACERC) represented by Dr. Lorenc Gordani took part at the conference 7th Annual Global Pipetech Summit 2014, 16th - 18th June 2014, Sheraton Roma, Rome. Participation that seen the keeping of a keynote speech on the “Pipeline growth in the Balkans: An emerging energy force”, on the 3rd Day Conference, Wednesday at 9:00am in Stream One. For more please find the Programme of Pipe Tech World Summit 2014.

The paper builds on research thesis “The growth of the gas market in the Western Balkans and the challenge of bridging the investment gap”. The research is carried out within the framework of the Advanced European Studies (DAES) at the European College of Parma, ITALY, as fellow of Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE), and the research program on European studies (MES) at the University “Guido Carli” Rome/LUISS School of Government, under the scientific supervision of the Prof. Helmut Schmitt von Sydow.

Dr. Lorenc Gordani - Cover Presentation

The Study-Case cover the features: How TAP has enable spin off pipeline projects throughout the Balkans; Why the Balkans is such a prime area for investment and the figures involved; How to bridge the gap between energy supply and demand in the region; Infrastructural challenges within the Balkans; Pipeline regulations within the region. For an overview of the presentation, you are warmly invite to find the material in Pdf here on the link.

The research want to tackle the build-up of the sceneries that can better afford the demand growth for energy in the SEE area and that in specific in the Western Balkans (WBs). In regard, the research take place by the perspective offered from the new project of diversification the energy resource in the EU and here in specific the Southern Gas Corridor. A development particular relevant in following of choice make by the consortium Shah Deniz II upon the advance with the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project.

Unfold of which afford at least the two historical challenges: the bring of a new gas sources at the EU and the diversify the supply in South East Europe market. Diversification that improves competition and at the same time enhance the security of supply as enable the meet of EU environmental targets. All of which translating in a well-balanced system between the three pillars of the European energy policy.

A scenery that will activate substantial investments over the coming years in the Contracting Parties (CP). The attracting of which remain a key requirement for the developing of a liquid and competitive gas market in the Energy Community. The scarcity of investment sources that necessitate the identification of priorities for development of the electricity, gas and oil infrastructure on Energy Community level. The priorities that are going to be part of a rethinking process within periodic frequency of two-three years.

Therefore, in analytical manner, the core tackle of this study-case became the well consideration of above scenarios that facilitate the new investments. The here target based on the pillar of the promoting of Region integrated gas market. The promotion of national regulations framework and in the specific that of infrastructural one through the area of Balkans is seen as wining card to bridge the challenge of integration within European Union.

Notice. For any information on the Conference 7th Annual Global Pipetech Summit 2014 please visit the official website of the activity and take contact directly with the organizer of the conference.

Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD

ACERC Project Director

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