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Installed partnership with Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen Finland

ACERC notify the installed partnership with the Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen

ACERC establish a partnership with the Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen, Finland

Updated October 12, 2014

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation (ACERC) represented by Dr. Lorenc Gordani and Kari Rosenlöf, Special Expert of Bioenergy as administrator of the Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen (Small Giant of Bioenergy), Finland, have concluded during the beginning of this week a long period partnership in the diffusion and the knowledge of the culture of bioenergy and renewable resources.

Albania as the other countries of Western Balkans is under commitments of the Directive 2009/28/EC. The country binding committemt are the rise to a 38% target of energy from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption in 2020, compared with 31.2% in 2009. Therefore, in May 2013, Parliament adopted a Renewable Energy Law. In accordance with this Law, the Government must formally adopt the 38% target, including also a 10% target of renewable energy in transport.

In meanwhile the Laws on EIA and on Environmental Permits a Decision, entered into force in 2013, laying down Rules, Procedures and Deadlines for Environmental Impact Assessment. A Governmental Decision on the Approval of Rules, Requirements and Procedures for Informing and Involving the Public in Environmental Decision-Making was adopted in April 2014. The Decision contains important provisions on public participation in the environmental impact assessment procedure. In this regard, this partnership came as natural and it is widely welcome. “ is created for everyone who is interested in bioenergy and is looking for cost effective and ecological energy. We think that everyone has the possibility to find it” said Administration Kari Rosenlöf.

In fact, the original site Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen in Finnish was created by the need of finding objective information of bioenergy easily. There are sites that provide basic information for example biofuels but not the whole picture - how to prepare or supply, use and storage biofuels etc. Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen is very popular in Finland. The Energy Academy and other professional bioenergy websites are linked. In addition, different schools and experts are using the website as study material and resource. Small Giant of Bioenergy website provides information on biofuels (firewood, wood ships, pellet, briquettes, peat etc.) and their quality, utilization, preparing/supplying, storing etc. It also give different kind of information and facts dealing with bio heating (equipment choices, energy values, conversion factors, moisture content, perfect combustion, energy consumption, power demand etc.).

“The basics of using bioenergy is the same worldwide. That´s the reason we first translated our site from Finnish into English. We are interested in developing our experience in more international environment. Now the site is being translated into Russian as well” add Mr Kari Rosenlöf. Therefore, Bioenergian Pikkujättiläinen warmly welcome producers and users of bioenergy from other countries as a meeting place. The goal is to provide information for bioenergy users and a market area for producers to advertise their products and services. “We are very interested in feedback to see to which direction to develop our site to serve the visitors. New challenges interest us in bioenergy field, both domestic and international ones” state Mr Kari Rosenlöf.

In regard, ACERC warmly counsel all it reader to take advantage of advance experience of finish and for any information on bioenergy sources to visit the official website and take contact directly with the Kari Rosenlöf, Special Expert of Bioenergy of the Small Giant of Bioenergy. The site offers the chance to get to know different bioenergy sources and to learn how to utilise local and domestic bioenergy in the most efficient and economical way. There are only winners when bioenergy is used!

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