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“Well managed ancillary is the differentiator between profit and loss”

Why You Should Attend:

The face and practicalities of ancillary have completely changed over the past 5 years, not only from a regulatory point of view with the network codes but also with the key impact that renewable are having. Ancillary remains a key profit making tool for the energy company and the conference will show how to continue to utlise this as the market changes. During the forum we will, most of all, debate on how the current market model should look like. Moreover, the conference will look closely at the practical side of balancing today and how it will impact the business model, regardless of the future with network codes. We will explore the varying challenges that European market participants are experiencing when it comes to balancing; demand side management, the injection of renewable in the market and its role within ancillary and balancing and using ancillary services as a profit making revenue stream. This marcus evans conference will show where adaptations to strategy should take place and where the market opportunities are; simply, what should good ancillary look like in 2016?

Key Topics

•Discover practical application of network codes, understand the regulatory guidelines

•Ancillary services as a revenue tool: Embed cost management techniques to build value in the current market

•Learn about key management techniques, long term application and cost benefits of flexibility of electricity capacity, frequency and generation

•Explore the role of renewables and real time capacity management

For more info please visit the event website

For all enquiries regarding sponsoring and attending this conference contact:

Melini Hadjitheori

Digital Markering & PR Executive

marcus evans

Telephone: +357 22 849 308


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