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EU & WBs / Albania Energy Regulatory Updates

Dear visitors the here section is dedicate to the Energy Legal Framework (ELF) and the related topics.

In conformity of the central institution work focus on the well going of the national and regional energy market, ACERC is paying special attention to reflect any information that might be considered useful and helpful in daily work of market operator.

Aside of the relevant legislative provisions in the energy sector fields, at this web page are going to be published manuals, reports of different international institutions and other materials that help in analysis and interpretation in practice of such legislation.

A particular importance related to this process, to guarantee a transparent and provides the conditions for an open and impartial competition among participating economic operators is that the here information and document are available free of charge.

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

- Law No. 7746 dated 28 July 1993 “Petroleum Law (Exploration and Production)”, as amended (in Albanian Lang.)

- Law No. 7928 “On Value Added Tax”, as amended

- Law No. 8450 of 24.02.1999 “On the processing, transport and trade of oil, gas and their by-products”, as amended (in Albanian Lang.)

- Law No. 8976, dated 12 December 2002 “On Excise”, as amended.

- Law No. 9946, dated 30.06.2008 “On the sector of natural gas” (in Albanian Lang.)

- Law No. 9975, dated 28.07.2008 “On national taxes”, as amended (in Albanian Lang.)

- Law No. 71/2014, dated 07.10.2014 "On some amendments to Law no. 8450, dated 24.2.1999, "On the processing, transportation and trading of oil, gas and their by-products", as amended

- Law No. 183/2013 of 28.12.2013 “On an amendment to the Law 7811 of 12.04.1994 On the approval with some amendments of the Decree No 782 of 22.02.1994 On the fiscal system in the hydrocarbons sector (exploration – production)”

Public procurement system, concessions / public private partnership and public auctions

- Law no. 131/2012 on Some Additions and Amendments to Law No. 9643, Dated 20 November 2006, "On Public Procurement", as Amended

- Law on Public Procurement No. 9643 Dated 20.11.2006, Consolidated with Amendment No. 9800, Date 10 Sept. 2007, No. 9855, Date 26 Dec. 2007, no. 10170 Date 22. Oct. 2009 and No. 10 309, Date 22 07 2010

- Law on Public Procurement No. 9643 Dated 20.11.2006, Consolidates With Amendment 10. Sept. and 26 Dec 2007

- Law no. 9643 Dated 20.11.2006 on Public Procurement

Legal Framework in Strategic Investments

- Law on Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania, No. 55/2015 date 28.05.2015

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